Air Filters


The air filter has as function to protect the engine of the entrance of dust and harmful particles to its well function. Depending on their capacity, engines at full load can take in between 200 and 500 m3 of air per hour. This air contains impurities, if it isn't filtered, it will cause the premature wear of the engine. A bad functionality air filter does:
  • - Increase of the fuel consumption
  • - Lost of engine power
  • - Problems of carburetion
  • - Increase emission of pollutant gases

The MIKFIL and JHF air filters, as about 99% of efficiency, they are produced with raw materials of high quality and technology, respecting the norms of the constructors. The postponed substitution of the air filter delays the life end of the engine.


The air filter is the "lung" of the engine, it passes through out it every day, an air volume 1500 times superior to the human lung.
ubject to most demanding environments, our filters assure a 99% level of protection.
Produced from raw materials with a huge quality and based in top technology, the MIKFIL and FIL FILTER filters respect the most demanding norms of the constructors.