Oil Filters

Basic part in the maintenance of the oil in good condition of cleanness, allowing that the same fulfils its mission of constant lubrication of the engine parts, essential condition to its well functionality.

For this purpose, the oil filters "Spin-on" are imposed, not only by the conception and easy application in the engine, but also by their filter effectiveness in full debit (full flow) or in double filtering (dual filtration).

From its construction we detach the valves of "by-pass" and anti-draining as well as the anti-return diaphragm, component applied to the norms of constructors.

Commercialized with our brand MIKFIL an the brands of our partners FIL FILTER, FILTON and JHF, certified companies, they answer to the most demanding incumbencies in notebooks of the construction automobiles in a level of effectiveness, as well as in capacity and are guaranteed against all and any defect of production.

The new reloadable element of oil filters, are innovative products destined to make face to the increasing ecological requirements, without negative impact on the effectiveness, the loss of power or the life duration of the filter.

MIKFIL ECOLOGICAL filters are produced in a base of thermoplastic materials and allow after its use, to be necessary only to substitute the filter element, which can be totally incinerated.