Company, Mission, History

MIKFIL is the new registered brand of COSTA, NUNES & COSTA, LDA., established in 1976, with private capitals, has began is activity as a manufacturer of air filters, commercialized as FILCAR brand and only for the automobile sector, being until the end of 1986 a supplier of the Renault assembly lines in Portugal.

In 1988 we have acquired new building located in Maia, which for its dimension allowed a substantial productive increase. In 1990 and following the technological evolution of the automobile sector, we have introduced the production of air filter currently nicknamed "panel" and of which we were the pioneers in Portugal.

In the year of 1995, when acquiring mark MIKROFILT as well as all its technology, we start to export 40% of our production. In 1998 we have participate for the first time as exhibitors in an international event the AUTOMECHANIKA in Frankfurt - Germany.

In 2002, we transferred to the Industrial Zone das Cruzes of Serzedo/Grijó – Vila Nova de Gaia and, having as mission to give a high quality service by demanding of ours esteemed national and foreign customers, even more and more demanding and widening, we have established agreements with other manufacturers and we started to have available all and any type of air, oil, fuel, cabin and specific application filters, not only for the automobile sector, but also for agricultural, industrial and building construction.

This evolution, allied to the productive stability, allowed us to establish industrial partnerships with FIL FILTER specially made for trucks, tractors and machines, as well as with FILTON and JHF with application on the ASIAN VEHICLES (Japanese and Korean).

In 2006, when intending to register the symbol ally to the Mikrofilt mark, we were collated with the impugnation on the part of one appraised for supposedly the same similar manufacturer of automobiles or being seemed.

In this conformity and not being our intention to act outside of the legislation in vigour in the European community we use to advantage the year of 2007 to modify our mark for MIKFIL, resulted of the fusing of previous Mikrofilt and Filcar; and to reformulate the symbol having as image a platan leaf symbolizing the force, the longevity and the protection of the environment.

Today, COSTA, NUNES & COSTA, LDA., proud of the support and confidence given by the market, MANUFACTURE and COMMERCIALIZE its own brand MIKFIL as well as the brands partners FIL FILTER, FILTON and JHF, all duly warranted and certified, has an available stock regarding the market dimension and also in constant update. Making the quality of its products and service its main goal.